Family business since 1985, we have exercised mainly in the repair of hydraulic equipment and forestry operations.
Our field observations and our love for mechanics led us in 1992, with the development of ModuloJet, to design machines to reduce hard work and increase productivity of tasks.


25 years of experience acquired in utilization, maintenance and manufacturing have led us at the end of 2010 to create

MecaPerf® is a young and dynamic company that designs machines that meet the requirements of its clients’ businesses. Performance & Innovation is our motto and we strive through our machines that these words become a reality.
We also attach great importance to the quality and reliability of our products, which is why in a continuous search for improvement, MecaPerf® creates with its customers a truly long-term partnership.
Our success is expressed by the satisfaction of our customers, give us your trust and we will do our best to meet your expectations.